Osma Natural Deodorant Potassium Alum Stone | Sizes from 75g to 250g | Highest Water Content | Made by Hand in France | 250g ARRIVING LATE JULY / EARLY AUGUST 2024


Osma Natural Deodorant, 100% Potassium Alum | Five Handmade Shapes| Superior Smoothness & Wear | Durable; Over One Year of Use | 100% Made in France

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Finest Quality Natural Deodorant on Earth

Osma Laboratoires  produces the world’s best natural deodorant in France since 1957 (they also make spectacularly shaving soap!)

100% Potassium Alum

These stones are made only of potassium alum.  Ammonium aluminum sulfate (aka ammonium alum), commonly found in many competing alum stones, is never present here.  Potassium alum is more gentle.

Meets the Needs of Men or Women Alike

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it does not matter with these fine natural deodorant stones.  They will assuredly control odor {note that alum stones do not control perspiration – Osma’s roll on deodorant is appropriate for this need (and is much more costly per use)}.

No Odor Added, No Odor Emerging

These alum stones do not add any detectable odor to your skin, which is great for incorporating with your preferred aftershave, cologne, parfum, etc.

Superior Water Content, Superior Structure

This natural deodorant stone has more water weight than all its competitors’ stones, for a more soothing feel.  It wears evenly without crumbling or losing the uniform texture as others so often do.  Indeed, we’ve never heard of or seen an Osma stone develop the common granular or scratchy texture.  The natural crystal deodorant from Osma stays smooth as you use it and always feels gentle.

Extremely Economical Natural Deodorant

These alum stones are costly in terms of comparison to inexpensive alum found at an Indian grocer, for example, but they wear evenly, never crumble, contain on ammonium alum, and cost just pennies per day.

How to Use

Leave the skin to be addressed moist, splash stone with water, and apply stone to area of concern until stone and skin are dry.  When using as a post-shaving astringent, move with the beard growth direction on the face.

Different Forms Available

  • The flat-faceted “BPO” and “BP2C” are marketed towards shavers.
  • The others are marketed as deodorants.
  • But each can be employed for either task; the shape/size/packaging vary, but not the high-water-content 100% potassium alum itself.

TheBPO weighs ~2.8 oz (80g) and takes up a 1.5 x 2.3 x 1.0″ (38x59x24mm) chunk in a travel bag. Waxy box somewhat durable as a practical traveler.

TheBP2C size is ~45% more of product than the entry-size “BPO”, the most important part of choosing the bigger one is an easier time grabbing it. Delivered in plastic case.  Weighs ~4.4oz (126g).  Consumes 1.88 x 2.92 x 1.05″ (48x74x26.5mm) of space.

The STDEO is 1.25 x 3.15″ (31x80mm), expertly formed for use as a comfortable natural deodorant.  The container holds the alum firmly in place during application and gives its enough protection for travel.  Wet the top and apply right to the armpit until dry. It works! Tube/alum take up 1.6 x 4.5″ (41x114mm) of space and weighs 4.9 ounces (140g). You’re paying some for the reservoir here, so if you just want 100g of alum form itself in a plastic screw-bottom shell case exclusively for stay-at-home you should choose “STBCR”.

The “STBCR” version is a ~40x55mm alum form in a plastic screw-bottom (aka helicoid) shell case which doesn’t offer enough protection for travel.   We rarely import this one.

BL150” is a ~150g hand formed disc.   When we were an Amazon.com listed reseller, we sold ~250-350x of this rock per year.  I’ll bet Osma misses that action.  Unfortunately, because Amazon happily allows anything to be returned and what we sell cannot be resold twice, in our last year there we sold $93,000 of volume and I profited just over $2800 after the massive returns overhead…I asked the guy who contacted us to maybe split that baby in regards to the >$8000 of returns bullshit and got crickets, so we just don’t sell there anymore.  It was mostly shears, but we did get rusty/chipped straight razors, half-used tubs of shaving soap, and a few of these things back in the mail “no longer needed”, imagine that.  You can, of course, just set your listings to automatically refund without return for anything you sell, and Amazon will be alllll too happy for you to do that, but that’s just encouraging the further bad behavior.   You’ll be hard pressed to find another vendor of this object in the USA because it is damn hard to import and to ship without damage.

“BL250” is, obviously, a ~250g hand formed disc.   I’ll be tremendously shocked if you ever see another reseller offering this thing, it is a tank!

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BPO [75g], BP2C [100g], STDEO [100g], STBCR [100g], BL150 [~150g] ¡USA ONLY!, BL250 [~250g] USA ONLY!