Osma Normal Shampoo 200ml with Pomegranate | Made in France


Osma Shampoo 200ml for Normal Hair | Made in France | EAN 3760033480893

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Doesn’t even matter if we sell enough in the time you can do it to make $, I’m just an irrational adorer of all things French, so that’s why we imported some of this along with the 100%-alum and software (preshave oil, aftershave balm) products proven to turn a profit.

This is a new shampoo by Osma, with this being the normal hair designation…probably I should’ve gone for the dry hair version in my old(er) age, but one can dream.  Not bragging if you can back it up, but I had a real good run in my prime, in regards to that crap atop your head.   Wouldn’t have changed a thing.

First one goes to me!