Osma Preshave Oil 50ml Glass Bottle | Made in France


Osma Pre Shave Oil | 50ml Glass Bottle |  Made in France

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Osma’s preshave oil, 100% made in France if ever there was one, is a pleasantly nourishing and dense oil boasting an esteemed list of 100%-NATURAL ingredients.

The goal of lubrication under the lather imparted is certainly met, as well as is generally adding moisture to the beard, always a good thing.

But it is the scent of this oil, sharing the seductive profile of their amazing post shave balm and aftershave ‘lotion’, which will get you coming back again and again to overpay for fine French software.    Frankly, they should produce an EDT of it, it’d sell like hotcakes.  Having observed countless people smell it, I’ve not once denoted a negative reaction, and watching people smell things is as revealing as watching poker players receive their cards.   It is one of the very few obviously-overpriced softwares that I, your dutiful commercial-interest-biased vendor-salesman, pulled from stock over and over…actually, in 2021 I finally got them to agree to send me a 200ml bottle, which I paid for, with the promise that every shaving video I’ll make will feature it…

Sod off with samples requests; it is this silly price for 50ml, or go fly a kite.   Just like Prinz Charming, there’s really no need anymore, its retention rate for those who’ve bought it is just too damn high that you’re better off using the high barrier to entry as a mental tickler.   This stuff’s incredible; shame about the price.

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