Thiers Issard 188 Sheep and Wolf French Straight Razor | Carbon Steel | 7/8 Size | Extra Full Hollow Ground | Spanish Point | Blonde Cow Horn Handle | Thumb Notch Tang Style, No Stabilizer at Shoulder (¡THIERS’ ‘STOCK’ IMAGE IS NOT CORRECT!) | Made in France OUT OF STOCK NO DELIVERY DATE


Thiers Issard 188 7/8″ Sheep & Wolf Sheffield Steel Straight Razor | Hook Nose | Blonde Horn Scales | Made in France | EAN 3436000006952


Handmade in France

These are the best razors in the world produced today in our opinion, and our returns policy truly makes no logical reason you wouldn’t buy from us.  They’re hand made, each unique, and always special.  They are the most hollow and flexible razors in the world still made.

Thiers-Issard has produced straight razors for nearly 100 years in Thiers, France, in the traditional methods unique to this most special of nations.   

The 188 is an ultra premium model Thiers-Issard razor, featuring a tremendously-thin extra hollow grind coupled with superior bright mirror polish to both sides of the blades.   Scales here are made of blonde cow horn, farmed in France.  The razor’s spine’s been sculpted with a ‘sun’ pattern and the show side of the blade features their classy ‘Sheep and Wolf’ motif where the colloquial reference to Sheffield Silver Steel is also indicated.

Please indicate in your notes section to vendor whether you would like your razor further honed post-factory (where you will almost certainly detect unpredictable visual evidence, and for which you may or not like the ‘shave ready’ edge much more than the factory one) or as the factory supplied (whom do, by the way, intend for you only to remove the grease and strop your razor thoroughly prior to shave#1).   The choice is yours, and there is no right or wrong answer.   If you don’t put in a note, we will contact you by the order system requesting the same information, and not ship until you declare which it is…even for something that’s festooned with ‘no returns’ all over the SKU.

You see, we just want you happy.

Do we think you’ll be happy w/ the factory TI edge?  Yes, most of the time, they are pretty good.

Heard that TIs are hard to hone?  Well, there’s more than a little truth to every rumor, but personally I will put up with a lot of other eccentricities or pain points for one featured skill if that particular skill’s the most cherished action, and that rings true whether we are speaking of open razors or many other things, some of which will argue that they are more complicated and irreplaceable than a French open razor, and you will be forced to agree with this point of view for the sake of…something.   That part isn’t clear.   What is DAMN clear is that you better agree, so that’s done.

Anyway, sorry for the little bit there, but I am proud to say to you that I can truly offer a material way for you, the end user, to maintain your any brand eccentric razor to an absolutely brilliant level of performance.    And here it is!   This object will permanently give you a leg up in every razor/sharpening medium interaction from the outset.  Sadly, the solution is not inexpensive to produce, given the material volume required and especially that the use of an open razor is a dying art in personal care and this in itself precludes certain very large scale ways to economically manufacture.    Furthermore, a cabal of myopic folks who call themselves devoted straight razor users are working daily – for free – to call this object’s validity into question.    Can Americans think for themselves?   Are you – the human reading this sentence right now – able to use the scientific method to arrive at your conclusions, or will you just believe someone on the internet you don’t know personally that is self-taught merely because they’re a longstanding daily commenter?    Ask yourself; why don’t you hear from people online who DID buy these contraptions?   Why don’t you see these things for sale in the secondhand market?   I bet there’s something to that, you might wanna look into it.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
Straight Razor Filters;

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