Dovo 918115 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush | ~22x54mm Silvertip Badger Knot | Buffalo Horn Handle | Made in Solingen Germany | ¡DISCONTINUED! These Stocks Shown are the Last Available Anywhere on Earth! *PICK YOUR EXACT BRUSH FROM ACTUAL PICTURES OF STOCK*


Dovo 918115 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush | Buffalo Horn Handle | Made in Solingen, Germany | EAN 4045284010105

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The Dovo 918115 is a badger brush with a buffalo horn handle entirely made by Dovo themselves in their Solingen factory.   This brush was ‘matched’ to their 3580, 3680, 415855, and 985850 razors, using the same buffalo horn stocks supplied from the same French farm, with a flat base that will stand on a tabletop.  It’s a bit heavier in weight to many Brit near-equivalents in size/knot.

The ~22x54mm knot used here was produced entirely by Dovo themselves in their original Solingen factory, using top-quality silvertip badger hair, and is no longer available at all (Dovo’s current ownership still does indeed make their own hand-tied knots, but does not use an imported hair quality equivalent to this brush’s stock).   The brushes have an absolutely lovely bulbous canopy and are the true embodiment of a German bulb style shaving brush.

RANT:  The US Fish & Wildlife agency is behaving absurdly anti-small-business since July 2021, and we as a small shop cannot risk another importation under their power.  What you see now is the final chance to get this brush while picking your exact piece of inventory you’ll receive!  I’ll never import again a horn or hair item!  In the case of this special brush, however, we were the final purchasers of all remaining stock prior to the USFW’s “final straw” actions (just twelve units), so the USFW behavior is a moot point, but I just want you, the reader, to understand the gov’t bureaucracy involved with daring to directly import an item containing a common species of deceased animal that’s born and harvested in captivity.   Synthetic-badger brushes are not bereft of charm.

Weight: ~68 grams
Handle Dimensions: ~36x49mm
Knot Diameter: ~22.5mm
Overall Height: ~102.5mm
Bristle Loft: ~54mm

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
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