TSS House Brand Travel Brush Nickel-Plated Brass 4 Knot Options Synthetic Klassik Silberspitz Made in Germany


Hands down, this body for the knot’s the nicest in the market if weight and cost aren’t your top priorities.





The “TSS Travel Brush” was a long time coming, made by our house-brand OEM Germans, and is a perfect execution if you don’t mind the weight penalty of a brass metal cylinder versus the keep-weight-down travel advantaged aluminum (which we eschew due to their tendency to bind threads).  A ventilated and nickel-plated brass tube’s mated to a 20mm knot with 51mm of loft, currently offered to you in four different hair types; synthetic soft, synthetic firm, 2-band super badger, and top-of-the-line premium 3-band silvertip hair.

Be aware of the inherent advantages and disadvantages for each hair choice, as all offer some of each, even beyond pricing issues.  The fake hair obviously dries super fast and can be used just before packing, not so the badgers.

  • “synthetic soft” has buttery-soft tips but moves around in the most ‘synthetic way’ versus the other synth and especially versus badger
  • “synthetic firm” has better movement than the synth/soft option, tremendous foam created, but isn’t quite as soft on the tips as the synth/soft…more like a real badger for sure, though
  • 2-band best badger’s a firm and scrubby hair with thicker base diameter than tips so it dries quicker than silvertip and much slower than synthetic
  • premium 3-band silvertip is as soft and natural-moving as you can get, at any price…but it is the slowest to dry of these four so you really can’t use it on the AM of a repacking, use the last nite before and give the drying a head start w/ a hair dryer and leave it out in the open while you sleep

The synthetic fibers come from the European Union.

100% handmade and hand-set knots; the gathering, weighing, tying, glueing, and setting of these knots is done by the truly expert hands of career German brushmakers working in a family-owned business which has been in continuous operation for over a century.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
Select Knot Type;

'Synth Soft', 'Synth Firm', 'Synth Soft' '2-Band' (aka Rein Dachs Klassik), Silvertip (aka Rein Dachs Silberspitz)