Dorco ST-301 Double Edge DE Razor Blades Made in Vietnam


Korean engineered.

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Dorco ST-301:  The Dorcos (made in KR until ~3-4yrs, now VN) solidly combine sharpness, smoothness, and value in rather equal measures, while never exceptional at any one facet; there’s plenty of cheaper blades, but I think the Koreans’ manufacturing tolerances are exceptional, even with the move to Vietnam, and they’re worth a try or three for anyone whom doesn’t have a barbed wire beard (if you do, bow to max keenness above all other concerns, and stick with Feathers or the Russian blades of various name).   I’ve used the Dorcos off and on ~15 yrs, first finding them in the shanty streets between 23rd and 34th st from ~5th-8th ave, and they’ve been extremely consistent in all that time; as consistent in their character as any brand I’ve tried.   They now come only in plastic reservoirs of ten which have a used blades slot underneath, and thankfully have had their internal packaging simplified since the early ’00s; gone is the stupid double paper and wax, so the Shavette user crowd should very much like ST-301s as they snap cleanly and have no dabs of wax and just a simple paper wrapper per blade

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