Lord Super Stainless Chromium Coated Double Edge DE Razor Blades | Made in Turkey


Made in TU, these are the original Lord blades.  The ones from Egypt are copies, that’s why Lord-Egypt will not dare to ship their blades to Turkey!

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Lord Super Stainless:  Soft paper wrapping five packs, these are the ORIGINAL “Lord” razor blades – the ones from Egypt cannot claim they have trademarked this brand all the way back since 1930, and are not allowed to be shipped into Turkey because they will be confiscated for violation of copyright law!

In the opinion here, these are much higher quality blades than the Egyptian Lords, and are only frugal in the manner of their minimalist packaging which has no rigid plastic.

This is a mild blade best suited to use in aggressive razors and a bad performer in mild razors; for the author here, simply spectacular in a Mühle R41, in fact unsurpassed there, but also a definite plus arm in a Merkur Futur or Progress opened wide and better than most in a Merkur 37c/39c slanted head.   It has not proven a close enough performer in very mild razors such as the Focus Dynamic and Feather All Stainless, which predictably do better paired with more ‘aggressive’ blades such as Astras, but the ‘aggressive’ blades are *much* harsher; the Original Lord does not do ‘harsh’, it is only a question of if it has enough throttle for your beard/razor combo, and that is a high compliment indeed.

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