Dovo 33004081 Shaving Brush | 19x56mm Synthetic Silvertip Badger Knot | Solid Ebony Wood Handle | Weighs 68g | Made in Germany


Dovo 33004081 (formerly 918218) Synthetic Silvertip Fiber Faux Badger Shaving Brush | Solid Ebony Wood Handle | Made in Solingen, Germany | EAN 4045284010396

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The Dovo 918218 is a new model from 2019 with a solid (and strangely un-Dovo-marked, but that was also done on the solid-ebony XL 918285 so maybe that’s they’re thinking)  ebony wood handle (53.6×36.5mm) that’s shape just like their resin 918118/918052,  with a ~19x56mm premium synthetic fiber knot that’s made to be the equivalent of silvertip badger.

The fibers are produced in the European Union, the knot is handmade by Dovo (and thereafter set by machine in to the bore holes they make on the handle), and the handle 100% handmade by Dovo in their Solingen facility.

Weight: 68 grams
Handle Dimensions: 36.5 x 53.6mm
Knot Diameter: 18.9mm
Overall Height: 111.6mm
Bristle Loft:  56.4mm