Focus Alaska Italian Shaving Soap | 4ml Sample or 150ml Tub | Made in Italy


Focus Alaska Italian Shaving Soap | 4ml Sample or 150ml Tub | Made in Italy

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Alaska Shaving Soap’s made by Tcheon Fung Sing, an ultra-popular Italian OEM specialists contracted to produce many various brands of vegan Italian style shaving soap worldwide.  If you’ve bought many different Italian-made ‘croaps’ in your wetshaving fiddling, you’ve very likely used one of theirs.

“TFS” does this for many to differentiate the market, but we’ve been assured that the ‘Alaska’ particular mixture of perfume is _NOT_ shared (exactly) with any other TFS-made contracts or TFS originals.   While there’s no doubt here in the sincerity and accuracy of the claim (and the anonymity of “perfume” in any ingredients list makes it easy to stipulate), it would be fair to say by practical merit that for the average noses out there there are many TFS-produced various brands which smell more alike than unalike.  Here, the Alaska has an notably potent alpine-y scent, along with the adds-the-cold-tingles presence of some menthol and camphor in the formulation.   It smells and feels like somewhere cold.  You will find any TFS-produced soaps/croaps are always easy to use and very stable in their lather, this being the norm of an Italian ‘croap’ and the demand of the Italian shaving culture.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in
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~4ml Sample NO <$10 ORDERS, 150ml Jar USA ONLY