Linen Strop by Herold 2×16″, Two Sides | Ideal for Use with Sharpening Pastes | Made in Solingen Germany


Linen Strop | Handmade in Germany | Use to Hold Abrasives, or Compliment Regular Leather Strop | 2×16″, Two Sides | Made in Solingen, Germany

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The Linen Strop by Herold solves a genuine need in the marketplace.

  • a complementary piece for their fine 3″ width strops, or alternatively the more spendy Dovo XL strop
  • a perfect candidate for use w/ various pastes/sprays


For Daily Prep Before Leather, or for Sharpening

The Herold linen strop solves the needs for daily stropping preparation as well as for sharpening a razor with your strop, as this untreated piece of linen has been folded once and stitched in to the base so you have two stropping planes of 2×16″ exposed area, one to keep “dry” for daily use and the other for use with chromium oxide, Dovo red and green or red and black sharpening pastes, etc.

Give Dry Linen a Try Before Pasting, Just to Know the Feel

You can choose to impregnate the linen with Dovo’s white paste for linen, or you can use it as supplied (linen tend to pill if stropped in its natural state, requiring occasional shaving with a sweater trimmer, but does provide a distinct feedback worth experiencing before committing to paste, as one cannot remove the white paste).

Captures Sharpening Pastes/Sprays with Ease

The surface of the natural linen (derived from flax) is tremendous at keeping a hold of various sharpening pastes and sprays.

Made by Hand in Germany from Master Craftsmen

Handmade in Solingen, Germany, by a company making leatherwares for shaving and manicurist applications for over 90 years.

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