Dovo 32450113 Paddle Strop Russian Leather 1.8×8″ Two Sides 186210011 Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo Paddle Strop, Russian Leather 32450113. Two Planes of 1.8 x 8″ Stropping Area. Mounted on Metal Loom for Adjustable Tension. | EAN 4045284010365

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The Dovo Russian Leather Paddle Strop (old model no. 1862-10011), debuting 2017, is their sole remaining paddle strop.

The Last of the Dovo Paddle Stropping Mohicans

Sadly, Dovo had a cool 1/2-wood-and-1/2-wild-leather jobber that bit the dust, along with their green-pasted-wedge-razor-specialist #12621002.

But it is a Truly Stellar Paddle

This new paddle strop fella, however, is admittedly their best of all efforts.

Good Size, Premium Hide

The Dovo paddle strop has a 46x200mm stropping zone of ultra premium Russian-type leather.   A nice enough size to do good work.  Not so big that you wouldn’t travel together.  You see, any paddle strop should be a travelling friend.  This is a revival of an old German model, sourced with Dovo’s very best calfhide.

All About that “Russian” Type Leather…

The hide’s nothing short of exceptional.  Dovo’s #1862 Paddle Strop  is notably “above” the Herold 57Ri alternative; it makes an audibly higher pitch when stropping at equal pace and pressure.  At least within the split-side calfhide realm, a higher pitch at an equal speed = breaks in edge metal better aligned in opposition to the spine.

Russian-type leather refers to the second cut of the calf hide.  The irregular border is first planed clean and flat following separation of skin/muscle.  That which remains is thick enough for two cuts.  Next, the tanning process begins.  The “Ri” is the first cut, thin and flexible and loud of feedback, but not durable.  Lastly, the “J” as here is the second ‘Russian’ type cut.  The Russian leather is thicker, softer, and more durable than Prima (first) Ri cut.

Adjustable Tension to Find Your Groove

You can adjust the tension here by moving the loom so that it has juuuust the right amount of slack for your brain to interpret the fine cutting edge’s realignment.    When you’re new to stropping, keep it rather taut; a razor may best prefer the edge to be “nested in a hammock” but that’s a danger to both strop leather and razor edge alike in unsure hands.  Await the day you’ve mastered the touch to begin making it have a bit more slack.  When travelling, always slacken the leather; a taut strop at sea level and put in various quick pressure/temp/humidity could suffer damage.

A Great Choice for the Newbies

An excellent choice for any new user, the handheld loom type paddle strop is more difficult to accidentally cut than any hanging strop; the only drawback is you have a reduction of usable stropping area, for if they made them too big it would start to hurt your wrist.

Supplied with Paper Wrap & Cover Box

Store your Dovo paddle strop in the included cardboard when not in use, and employ the paper to protect the leather plane from the inside of the box.  Always loosen the tension for storing.

Ideal for Use with Sharpening Pastes

For sharpening work, the Dovo paddle loves the Dovo red and black paste set or the red and green paste.  Remember: commit one honing plane of strop to one paste designation.  Wipe the razor well before transferring to the next side.

Purchase some Dovo 515171 leather balm for conditioning your strop’s leather if in any environment which becomes rather arid (<30% humidity).

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