Théophile Berthon Hard Milled Vegan French Shaving Soap 100g | Made in France


French Shaving Soap | Long Lasting, Stable, Rich Lather | ‘Spicy-Woodsy’ Fragrance of Provence | Handmade in France

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Premium Handmade Shaving Soap, from the Heart of Provence

Théophile Berthon’s “Savon À Barbe” is a French shaving soap supplied in classical disc-in-tin style common to French shaving soaps.   This company’s produced traditional French soap well over a century in the village of Monteux.

Super Creamy, Super Stable

Shea butter (added and wholly absorbed during the saponification process) gives this soap tremendous hydration.  White clay adds a signature creamy stability.   This soap easily generates lather, stays thick while you work, and is a voluminous producer.  We are confident if you’ve liked French shaving soaps (a la ubiquitous L’Occitane en Provence in US), Berthon’s charm can seduce.   In our shop we’ve nothing similarly physically hard and easy to use.  It is as simple to use as soft English creams (which are much more drying), and moreover as easy as ‘croaps’ which make you buy lots of water with your soap and cost a LOT more per session to use.

Vegan Soap

This is a 100% vegan soap formulation, and Théophile-Berthon is wholly against animal testing.  Sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic coloring, lyral, and BHT are never used at this company.   Théophile-Berthon is an original member of the Slow Cosmétique Charter, a group which aims to promote the philosophy of ‘Smart, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Ethical Skincare’.

Use Disc as its own Preshave

This ~saucer hard disc form encourages you to use its gentle vegetable oils base soap to wash up before lathering.  We here at TSS  find its physical design best in class.  The stiff soap saucer fits naturally to the hand, and wears evenly to the shape.

Triple Milled for True Low Running Cost

As a milled soap, Berthon has little water in its final solution.  This is unlike a shaving cream, or a semi-dense shaving soap (often referred as ‘croaps’).  With those options you’re buying water + soap.  This 3.5 ounces contains many hundreds of sessions. This is true even when using daily as a pre-shave!  We do not offer any soap/cream that costs less in cost per session, of what we’ve measured…and being the anal types, we love measuring stuff.

Great for Travelling, Carry-On Friendly

The TSA enforces carry-on restrictions to any liquids/foams/gels.  Shaving creams fall under this rule, and can also leak a mess during a flight (UPDATE; good heavens, I can’t believe TSA has the balls to write “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.” on their official site!) Shaving croap is, too, subject to TSA restriction.  Not so this milled French soap, however, and you’ll get extraordinary long lifespan (as most air and water’s been eliminated within).

A Scent Beloved to Provence

I don’t know how to describe this odor beyond to say that I’ve smelled its profile many times in French products favoring shea and clay.  It is, an agreeably sophisticated standard issue that features vetiver, woodsy/cedar, and citrus tones from the place on earth so unique and capable of sweet citizenry charm if only you’ll belt out a few sentences of their beautiful prose.

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