Focus Senateur Aftershave Splash | 100ml Glass Bottle | Made in Italy USA SHIPPING ONLY


Focus Senateur Aftershave | Made in Italy | 100ml Glass Bottle



This Senateur aftershave’s a STRONG alcohol percentage Italian aftershave splash that mirrors exactly the scent profile of the Focus Senateur shaving soap.

Made by by Tcheon Fung Sing (a >70yr-old Italian OEM specialist producer of many various brands of shaving soap and shaving softwares).

The grain alcohol load’s quite intensely factored, so as with Trumpers you’re best served to use the alum stone before this comes along, but after the alcohol settles off you’re left with a scent profile that features potent licorice/anise notes along with pino mugo, eucalyptus, and just the right touch of sweet vanilla.

Whatever fragrance or essential oil was employed, the vanilla bit of the symphony does smell more accurate than, as an example, the not entirely uncharming Pinaud offering.

Made in Italy.  USA SHIPPING ONLY.

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