Thiers-Issard Pure Badger & Boar Shaving Brush | 21x51mm Knot | White Plastic Handle | Made in France


Thiers-Issard Pure Badger and Boar Shaving Brush | 21mm Knot | White Plastic Handle | Made in France

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Hand-tied, hand-filled shaving brush from France, with a ~21x51mm knot that’s a combination of boar hair and pure badger hair, which is the firmer, entry level grade for badger fur.  It is a very stiff knot!   A rather weighty brush at 63 grams, given its ~smallish size.

All components come from EU farming (hair stocks), and EU production.   EU-raised badger is a bit ‘curious’, it is just a little different.  The boar seems exactly the same, to me anyways.  But combining boar and badger, and odd badger at that, makes for a neat brush.  Pity the USFWS are so difficult.

100% Made in France.

Lathed handle with embossed Thiers-Issard logo on the bottom.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
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